Overview Of How We Protect Your Privacy This website, mobile app and/or web app is operated by CauseNetwork, Inc. on behalf of the organization whose name and logo appear at the top of this website. CauseNetwork takes member privacy seriously and strives to maintain maximum confidentiality and privacy of all member records and information in our care.

  • We do not share any personal information about our members with third parties for marketing purposes. Only CauseNetwork and the cause you choose to support will know you joined CauseNetwork.
    • We may share anonymous, aggregated information about the volume and types of purchases and contributions to causes that we facilitate in order to increase the discounts and contributions we negotiate for our cause partners and their supporters.
      • We maintain compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and all Federal and State privacy laws.

      Information We Collect We collect and store only information that you knowingly provide us using our website, mobile app and web app, including but not limited to: name, address, phone, email, date of birth, and your relationship to one of our partners. You may request information, provide us information on customers you wish to refer to our site, or participate in a survey or contest via one of our websites. Additionally, your Internet domain, IP address, and session usage information may be used to help us improve the content and performance of CauseNetwork and will be used for internal use only. Your sole option, if you do not wish to provide any requested information, is to not participate in CauseNetwork.

      Use of Cookies Some pages of this site might use “cookies” to enhance your online experience. Cookies are small pieces of data that are temporarily stored on your computer or phone to help identify you. The cookies that we place on your device remain active only while your browser or app is open. They are not used to collect personal information. Your web browser may allow you to be notified when you are receiving a cookie, giving you a choice to accept it or not. If you choose not to accept a cookie, some pages may not function fully and you may not be able to access certain information or services on this site.

      How Your Information Is Used We do not sell, rent, provide or otherwise share individual information generated from your use of CauseNetwork with any third parties, except as provided below. We may use information you have disclosed to us as follows:

      • To send you information about our organization and/or the cause you choose to support
        • To notify the cause you choose to support that you have chosen to shop to support their cause
        • To contact you, when necessary, regarding your correspondence with us or your requests
        • To verify accuracy when auditing our web sites, contracts, or practices
        • To help diagnose problems with our servers
        • To administer our websites, mobile apps, or web apps
          • In aggregate and de-identified anonymous form, for research purposes and for describing our business performance to our investors and business partners.

          By using this site or app, you are choosing to shop to support a social cause simply by using the links contained in this site or app. A portion of every purchase will be contributed to support your chosen cause, and many offers also include a reward component, causepoints, which can redeemed for cash or merchandise or donated to your favorite cause.

          How Your Information is Protected During Click-Thru’s to a Merchant Website Our system allows customers to click-thru to merchant websites and/or visit retail stores to receive discounts that are advertised on our websites, mobile apps and web apps. Your privacy is protected during this process as no sensitive personal information is transmitted during the click-thru or checkout process. Our patent-pending technology creates a unique code during each click-thru event or retail store purchase that is used to track and distribute contributions to your selected cause and causepoints earned on purchases you make after completing a purchase.

          Additional Verifications

          Some deals listed on CauseNetwork may require additional verification of your status as a member of a specific affinity group such as a college student, teacher, high school scholar, active duty military personnel, veteran, first responder, or member of a non-profit organization. If you click one of these offers you may be asked to provide additional information that will be used solely to verify your eligibility for the offer. Compliance with Other Laws Regarding Information Privacy Security of the customer data in our systems is a priority. Our systems and practices comply with all applicable federal and state privacy laws. Below are some of the highlights of our program.

          • We maintain a comprehensive information security program, including administrative, technical and physical safeguards.
            • Our maintenance and use of data is limited and controlled by federal law.
              • We maintain secure authentication protocols and access limitations for external and internal users.

              Links to third party Websites We provide links to merchant websites that wish to offer discounts via this website. Our privacy policy refers only to the activity that occurs while you using this website, mobile app, or web app, and we are not responsible for the privacy policies on websites that we transfer you to. You should be aware that the privacy policies of these sites might differ from the statements here.

              Changes to this Privacy Statement The contents of this privacy statement may be altered at any time at our sole discretion. Feel free to contact if you have any questions regarding this privacy policy.

              About CauseNetwork, Inc. CauseNetwork, Inc. was founded in 2012 with the goal of helping not-for-profit cause based organizations to raise money to support their missions by getting corporations to give back a portion of every sale to each customer’s favorite cause.

              The money we collect generally comes from the advertising budgets of participating stores, so the more purchases that flow through CauseNetworkTM, the less these stores spend on Internet advertising. Do you want to see fewer online ads and get less spam? If so, shop through CauseNetworkTM and get your friends and family to do the same. We’ll all see less online ads and raise money for worthy causes at the same time!